Welcome toDAO Emeralds

We are excited to announce a new project on the #EmeraldChain horizon - 777 unique NFTs minting soon. Each Emerald NFT grants access to the DAO community and to the DAO assets. We are building the first NFT DAO on the Oasis Emerald Chain, giving value and voting rights to all our owners!

We think that the weekly raffles are just the beginning of the DAO to attract new people and to incentive our NFT holders not to list their NFTs on the marketplace. The DAO will establish diversified strategies to produce income and yield for its owners such as fractionalizing, trading and staking of NFTs. It is also possible that part of the proceeds will be used to farm other NFTs or tokens in order to produce monthly passive income for our NFT holders. Each NFT represents a share in the DAO. 777 unique #Emerald NFTs with different traits and rarities.

What is a NFT DAO ?

What is a NFT DAO ?

Each NFT holder has access to the DAO assets. Our DAO will buy NFTs and raffle them to our community! The assets will be raffled to holders on a weekly basis and from the royalties we earn from our NFTs, we will buy more assets and other emerald NFTs together with a raffle. Until the DAO votes to do something else with them.

The great benefit of a DAO is that it is decentralized. No individual person or founders have full control over a DAO and therefore do not have a central point of failure. The ledger is shared by the members of the DAO and is fully transparent on the Blockchain. Thanks to smart contracts, once the rules of a DAO are in place, the community decides on what NFTs to buy, raffle and trade. The DAO Emeralds are community-based, where the decision-making power is given to each DAO Emerald NFT-holder. Of course each DAO Emerald NFT can be traded on the OASIS Emerald Chain marketplaces, which will open door for trading after mining out.


  • Timeline 0 step

    Sweeping NFT floors

    Sweeping floor of most promising OASIS based NFT projects for our DAO wallet
  • Timeline 1 step

    Weekly NFT raffles to holder

    We will raffle the swiped NFTs to our DAOEmerald NFT holders
  • Timeline 2 step

    NFT Marketplace Listing

    Our DAO Emeralds NFT listing on a major Marketplace (after mint out)
  • Timeline 3 step

    DAO Votings (Feb 2022)

    We will establish official DAO governance votings by our community
  • Timeline 4 step

    Mystery Airdrop (Q2 2022)

    We will airdrop something very special to every NFT holder in our DAO.
  • Timeline 5 step

    DAO Community Wallet

    We use 50% of the trading royalties to buy more NFTs every month
  • Timeline 6 step

    Charity Donations

    We will donate to charity organizations, the DAO will decide how much and where!
  • Timeline 7 step

    Lets build this DAO together

    More milestones to be determined by the DAO community, in our Twitter spaces and votings


Here are some of the most asked questions our team has received during the process of making this project, check out our responses below!

  • 1. What is a DAO?

    A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central group (founders).
  • 2. What’s an #Emerald NFT?

  • 3. How many #Emerald NFT will be available to mint?

  • 4. What is the price of the #Emerald NFT?

  • 5. How does the NFT DAO work?

  • 6. Why is the NFT based on the Oasis Emerald Chain Network?

  • 7. How do I get involved?

Meet the Team

  • Louis furson


    Founder & DAO Core

  • Kazmer furson


    Dev & Blockchain Tech Expert

  • Xiao-Heng furson


    Marketing & DAO Core

  • Bones furson


    DAO Core / Co-signer